More #Snokeh On The Campus Of Purdue University

Another Chance For Snokeh Photos On The Campus Of Purdue

Last night the snow was perfect to make more snokeh photos on campus. I really wanted to get out at night to try this as the snow shows up better against the dark sky. After a couple of years of not getting out to do this so much I have been really lucky with the timing of the snows this year. I would like to get out and try this at least one more time this year.

The Challenge Of Snokeh At Night

These types of photos are pretty easy to make during the day. Everything is balanced pretty well. At night you have to walk a fine line between exposing for the lights and bringing in the shadow detail. When it all works though the photos come out pretty amazing.

Making The Photo

As I was walking through campus I saw a snow polisher moving towards me. At first I was going to move over and let it go. Then I thought about what it could add to the photo. I quickly took a knee and made the photo. I am glad that I did. The tractor adds some foreground interest to the scene.

Prints From The Walk

As always you can click on any photo to go directly to it on my hosting site. You can also find all of my Purdue photos from this year here. You can see all of the photos from my walk as well as check out pricing if you wish.

What Is Snokeh?

Snokeh is a fun term that combines snow and bokeh. You are basically using the flash on top of your camera to illuminate the out of focus snow in the foreground. What you get are amazing pieces of bokeh that make the snow look even better. It also gives your photo a little more depth. You can read all about how I make snokeh photos here.

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