A Swamp Sparrow At The Celery Bog

A Swamp Sparrow Hanging Out At The Celery Bog

When winter comes around you are struggling to find subjects at the Celery Bog. Birds that you would walk by during the migration suddenly become exciting subjects. The swamp sparrow is one of those birds. I sadly ignore sparrows until they are all that I can see. I think that it has to do with color. I really like to photograph colorful birds. Most sparrows have no or very little color to them. As winter goes on though they look better and better to me.

Having Some Fun

Sometimes you just want to have some fun with the edit. This was one of those times. A dull, gray sky did not look good for my photo. A white balance adjustment was all that it took to give the photo a little fun. The red building in the background played along with this edit nicely.

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