A Quiet Morning At Prophetstown State Park

A Quiet Morning Hanging Out At Prophetstown State Park

In the fall I like to take my wide angle out with me when I make wildlife photos because I never know what I will see. My real job during the day is making sure the kids get to and from school. That takes most of the sunrises out of the equation for me. For a little time in the fall I can see the sun rise. That is exciting for me because of how rarely I get to see them. I tried to find a spot down by the creek to make this photo. Everything worked out for something interesting here. A heron right in the middle would have made this scene perfect.

Creating Content

This blog started over eight years ago as a way for me to work through the learning process of photography. I am still learning, but now it has turned into something that I am always thinking about. Writing a post a day featuring a new photo can be demanding. It does make me go out and make photos though which is what makes you better. Lately I have been finding that I have too much content for the blog. Instead of searching through the archives I am scheduling posts out into the future for that time when I can’t get out and make photos. That is a good problem to have, and it makes the overall content of the blog better.

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