Worlds Collide At The Christmas Tree

Harry Potter And Nobow Collide

Yesterday morning when we woke up we found our Elf on the Shelf Nobow dressed up like Harry Potter from the books and movies. If you follow this blog then you know that the kids love Harry Potter so it was a very big deal around the house. On most days our elf just hides somewhere, but every now and then he finds a cool way to say hi to the kids.

Nearing The End Of Nobow

Our elf leaves for the final time with Santa on Christmas. That means that we are almost done with our elf. It is fun spending time with him for nearly a month, but at the end of that month it has to be hard for him to come up with ideas of where to hide. This year it has to be even harder because of the new puppy in the house that likes to chew on everything.

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