Top 19 Concert Photos Of 2019

My 19 Favorite Concert Photos From 2019

This was a fun year for concerts.  All summer long I jokingly called the summer ‘The Summer Of Lori” because she was off. We did a lot of things that we normally could not do with her working including some concerts. The first concert of the year for me was Metallica which of course was amazing. There will be a few photos from that one show up here. We spent about half a week with Dead and Company as well which was interesting from a music standpoint as well as people watching. Below are my 19 favorite concert photos from this past year. What you have to know before looking through these is that they are all made with a point and shoot camera. I don’t have access to make concert photos with my real gear so I have the point and shoot to work with from wherever we are seated. Even with that in mind it is still fun to use the amazing light from concerts to make photos. Many of these are more of a landscape image than a concert photo. That is okay though. They are a good documentation of our time at the concert.

19. The Metallica show in March was one that I was looking forward to for a long time. I had my tickets purchased over a year in advance for the thing. It lived up to the hype as well. They put on a great show and kept the crowd in it the entire time. You will hear more about it as this countdown moves on.

18. I made this photo during the first of three Dead and Company shows in a week. The blue hour sky in Noblesville combined with the orange light from the stage was begging for a photo to be made of it.

17. A concert for the whole family was the Hugh Jackman show in October. After the homecoming football game I quickly made my way to Indy for this show with everyone. With the success of the Greatest Showman this was a hot ticket. The kids love the music though so it was worth it. I was really surprised with how entertained that I was.

16. Another photo from the Metallica show in Indy. I loved my seat for the show, and the views that it gave me. At certain times I felt like they were playing right to me.

15. The National is a band that my wife introduced me to. When we heard that they were playing at White River State Park we bought tickets right away. It was a great show, and I didn’t make many photos at it. This was one that I liked though.

14. I will say this now. The Violent Femmes are not my thing. They may be for others, but not for me. That being said they opened up for Ben Folds, and I really enjoyed their show. Maybe they now are my thing a little bit after that. There was a lot of good light during their performance.

13. Another photo from the Hugh Jackman show in Indy. This photo is proof of how great the little Sony RX100VI is. It helps you make great images from a wide variety of focal lengths. I could get right up to Hugh from our seats.

12. Here is another photo from that first Dead and Company show in Noblesville. With the sunset looking kind of cool I decided to try and make a panoramic photo. I really liked how this turned out, and I over used the pano feature on my computer over the course of the next couple of concerts.

11. For some reason I love it when the spotlight burns out part of my image at a concert. I try and time it, and then I know that it will make a cool black and white. This was from our shows in Indy seeing Dead and Company.

10. James Hetfield can work a crowd. Here he gets the crowd going during the Metallica show in Indy.

9. Here is one other photo from The National concert at White River State Park. The light was just right to make a few photos so the camera came out of my pocket.

8. This photo is a little blurry. That is okay because so was I when I made it. We were staying at the JW Marriott just across the street so I had a couple of cocktails. By the time that Bend Folds came out I was feeling pretty good, and not too steady. I still made a photo to remind us of that night. I had a blast so the photo comes in at number eight.

7. My first concert with my wife was the Vampire Weekend show in Indy on our anniversary. They put on a great show, and it made for a great date night. Once again I am having some fun here with the spot and a black and white conversion.

6. This photo was made from our seats for night two of Dead and Company at Wrigley Field. When I saw the seats I knew that at some point of the night I would make a photo like this.

5. This photo of James from my seat is probably the reason that I switched to Sony. This little point and shoot got me right up to my subject very well. People thought that I had great access when as you could see with the wider shots from this post I was pretty far away. This was a nice surprise that I didn’t expect to come away with.

4. The next two images are panos from both nights of Dead and Company at Wrigley Field. This was our seat for night one. The rain was crazy at times, but we were well protected under the upper deck. As the sun set I decided to make a pano to set the scene.

3. Still in crazy pano mode on night two I got really ambitious. I wanted to make a pano from these seats with the spotlights moving. It worked surprisingly well making my favorite photo from our three night ride with Dead and Company.

2. Here is another photo from the Vampire Weekend concert on our anniversary. I loved the colors of the sunset. At an outdoor show you are always watching the lights on the stage, and hopefully the lights in the sky as well. Here they worked very well together.

1. My favorite concert photo of the year was this one head on of Metallica. Old sketches of the band showed up on the boxes, and the light just looked cool to me. This photo will be hanging in my house.

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