Photographing College Basketball: Purdue vs. Northern Illinois

Purdue Takes On Northern Illinois

The good news is that this is not an actual sports site because this post is coming way too late. I covered this game on Sunday, and here I am finally getting around to it on the blog today. In a way that is a good thing because I can write this way in advance, and spend the week with family. That is always a good thing. The bad thing is that the blog is not very timely. It was never intended to be a news site though. This is more of a place for me to showcase some of my photos. This was a fun game to photograph so I didn’t want to shoe horn it into another day.

Look At These Uniforms!

These were some sweet uniforms that the team wore for the game. I really have enjoyed their new regular home look, but these are cool enough that I don’t really know which I prefer. I can say that they are pretty great though. In a pinch I can also use them to grab a quick white balance.

More Photos Of The Uniforms

Here is my complete gallery from the game for Purdue. I have been to nearly every women’s game so far this season, but it seems like I have been there for the other team so far. It was nice to finally get one in for the alma mater. Take a look at my gallery from the game.

The Week In Photos

Here is a link to my favorite images from last week. Knowing that I was going to be light on content to post on here for a couple of weeks I really went crazy over the weekend. I photographed a lot of sports and tried to really put together a great gallery.

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