An Immature Bald Eagle Grabs A Quick Lunch

A Great Surprise

Tuesday at the Celery Bog I had made a couple of photos that I really liked, and I was getting ready to go home when I ran into another photographer. As we were talking he suggested that we move to a spot on the point just in case an eagle showed up. Of course within a couple of minutes an immature bald eagle did show up. After a couple of minutes sitting in the tree the eagle dove down into the exact spot where I wanted it to in the water.

Why A Turtle?

We were super excited that we saw the eagle swoop down and grab a fish. These are the moments that you don’t get to see very often. As we reviewed our images we realized that it was not a fish at all, but rather a little turtle. I can’t imagine that these are very easy to eat for the eagle at all. It is a photo that I have never made though so I am glad that the eagle helped me make it.


More Eagle Photos

Making photos with the Sony a9ii means that my autofocus was pretty spot on, and I came away with a lot of keepers. Here are the rest of the photos from this encounter with the eagle.

2 Replies to “An Immature Bald Eagle Grabs A Quick Lunch”

  1. Great photos, and I can see the benefit of quick succession captures. In this case, however, and since it was an immature Eagle, it must have been a immature turtle! Happy Thanksgivings! M 🙂

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