Photographing College Swimming: The Purdue Invitational

Back In The Pool

Saturday I picked up another day of the Purdue Invitational. I really enjoy making swimming photos. There are times when it can bog down, but the photos usually end up very good in the end. It is worth the pain that I end up feeling the next day. It really is amazing what these athletes are doing the water. This is such a violent sport, but that violence is all about propelling the athletes through he water.

The Week In Photos

Last week seems like a while ago already doesn’t it? It was a fun week though with a lot of sports to end the week. You can see my favorite photos from last week here.

Slowing It Down Again

During the long freestyle races I could stand around, or I could make some panning photos. I tried to zoom out a bit here to show more of the water. I love the way that it appears to be swirling around the athlete. I should have attended one of the sessions that I was not paid to be at just to pan with the athletes.

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