Top 19 High School Football Photos Of 2019

My 19 Favorite High School Photos Of 2019

Every year I say that I will attend more high school football games, and every year I still wish that I had attended more. This is a fun level to make photos at. You have good action on the field, and an easier sideline to maneuver through. If you stay out of the way you can even make photos in between the 30’s. There is a lot of good emotion to find at these games too. Here are my 19 favorite football photos from this past year.

19. Last week I was at the Central Catholic semi-state win. It is always fun to be a part of these awesome moments so a lot of the moments on this countdown come from this game. This was a great one with the trophy being hoisted up in the air.

18. Practice?! Photos from practice? This was the first football that I was able to make photos of this year. The annual scrimmage between Harrison and West Lafayette. I love this game because I am able to get out and make some football photos. It has always been too long by the time this comes around so I make a point to be there just to get the football reflexes going again.

17. Sometimes at those scrimmages you get a moment like this one. I love the fight for the ball. The light was still pretty good here too. I love early season football when you get some great light for most of the game. By the time the playoffs come around the game is played completely in the dark.

16. Three photos in a row from the scrimmage. I thought that this play was just interesting from the moment that I made the photo. I always want feet of the ground, and all four are off the ground here.

15. When you can get the quarterback in focus looking down the receiver out of focus it makes for a good photo. This is one time where a little more access at these games can help you make photos like this. You can follow the team down the field a little closer than you normally can this way.

14. Trophy photos are fun. When the big guys get ahold of the trophy it always makes it a little more fun. Many, many years ago I played high school football as a tight end. I spent half of my time with the receivers, and half my time with the linemen. With that in mind I always have a special place in my heart for the big uglies. It is fun to see them enjoying a moment like this one.

13. The best game that I saw this year was definitely the West Lafayette game at Lafayette Jeff. It was a high scoring dogfight with a lot of emotion. This was one of my favorite photos from early in the game.

12. When you can capture jubilation and dejection in one photo then you have accomplished something. This is one such moment from early on in the Central Catholic semi-state win last week.

11. Sometimes things just work out for you. Here I was able to capture a nice touchdown catch with a little of the scenery in the background. It was a good play for a player that was just named a team captain for next season.

10. This was a photo from warmups, but I have always liked it. Photographing backlit allowed me to make a little different photo than I normally do. It also helped that Kyle Adams had a big game that week.

9. Another photo from the scrimmage. I love these big plays on the sidelines because you get a little extra other than the action. You get the reaction in the background. Here there is not too much of that though so it comes in on the countdown here.

8. This is very similar to the photo a couple above. This is my favorite place to sit in the end zone if I sit there so it makes sense that I would have two very similar photos on this countdown. Another bonus for this photo is the fact that the school nickname is on the press box.

7. When you make a countdown so close to a big game it makes sense that a lot of the fresher photos appear on it. Here is a big run from early in the semi-state win for Central Catholic.

6. Players with trophies is always a good thing. Players with big trophies with the score in the bokeh is always better. I picked my spot to stand here with the thought of getting the scoreboard in the background.

5. This must have been the year for making a photo of a #14 running at me with the ball. Those photos come in at #7 and #5 on this countdown. I like the look here though so it makes it in the top five.

4. This blog started off with a game at Central Catholic. Just after the 8th anniversary of the blog I found myself there again. For the second half of the game I used my 70-200mm lens so that I could make photos with another photographer who was using the same rig. It helped me capture all of this play in the frame. If I had been on my 400mm lens I would have had to cut something off. I like that things worked in my favor here.

3. This is my favorite action football photo of the year. I have liked this one since I made it. I know that it was made during a scrimmage, but it just screamed football to me.

2. More players and trophies. That is what this game is all about. I liked this one of the Central Catholic team singing the school song after their win.

1. At #1 we get a football image. The photo down the line can get stale at time. With all of the steam in the air though it gave this photo a different look. At this level of play a lot of these linemen are playing both ways. They rarely step off of the field. I wanted to make a photo showing the weathers impact on the game, and I think that I did that here.

There are my nineteen favorite images from this past year. It was a fun year making high school football images. This weekend in Indianapolis the season will officially conclude for the teams. It ended for me last week on a cold field though. In a couple of days my football season will be over as well when Purdue plays its last game. I love making football photos almost as much as I do baseball photos. The football season is so short though that I always feel like I need to get one more game in. That will be this weekend in Ross Ade Stadium for me. I am sure that I will have at least a couple of more football countdowns before the year is over.


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