5 Tips For Processing Your Sports Photos Faster

Five Tips For Processing Your Sports Photos Faster

One thing that I see a lot of online is people talking about how long it takes to process their sports photos. They post photos from an event several days after the fact. In sports photography speed is key. Sometimes the next day is too late for your photos to come out. If you are photographing for the wire then you may just have seconds to get your photo out. This post is more focused on the person is just starting out in the field looking for ways to speed up their workflow.

  1. Lock Your Images In Camera – Most cameras have a way to set up a button to lock the photos. This is a key step. Locking your photos is the first cull that you will perform. There is always a good time to do this, but it is after the play and the celebration. In almost every sport there are small periods of downtime, and that is when I lock my photos. In the past at an event like baseball I would have so many images of batters swinging with no contact to go through after the game. By locking just the best images you make sure that you do not have to look through every image after the game. I used to be worried leaving something good out by not ingesting every image into my computer. You are making decisions on a small screen after all. What I have learned is that you lock anything that looks like an interesting photo. You can make the final decision on a larger screen later.
  2. Use Photomechanic To Ingest You Images – This is a crazy step. I basically own a computer program just to bring the photos into my computer. The program is $150 and I think that I paid that twice in the last five years. For the time that it has saved me over the course of that five years it is well worth it. What Photomechanic allows you to do is to just upload the locked photos to your computer. This saves time in the ingest process as well as culling. You can also set it up to attach keywords and captions during this step, but that is a bit more of an advanced tip.
  3. Learn The Hot Keys – This goes for Photomechanic as well as Lightroom which I will talk about below. Learning the hot keys allows you to speed through your images and saves a few seconds here and there. In the rush to get the images out quickly those seconds add up quickly.
  4. Set Up Lightroom Presets For Your Venues – Most of your outdoor venues during the day are the same. Inside of venues though is a different story. Many of them are just different enough that they force you to tweak your settings. By having a custom preset for the venue it makes it unnecessary to tweak the color on every photo that you make. You can even set this up before the event. If you get there early enough you can make a few photos to use. With those pregame images you can have your preset made and ready before the game even starts. This saves time editing as well as gives you a uniform look for your images.
  5. Set Up Export Presets – I have export presets that I use for different things that I photograph regularly. This sounds crazy, but once again in the rush to get images out this precious few seconds can really help you.

These are just five things that can help you get your images from your camera to your client quicker.

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