Backyard Bird Photography With The Sony A7RIV

Photographing My Backyard Birds With The Sony A7R4

Monday was a terrible day for outside photography. I used the day as a catch up day with some paperwork. From time to time though I would look out my back window and see some interesting birds out there. It has been amazing how many warblers and other birds that I would never expect in my backyard that have shown up. On Monday the highlight was the Eastern Phoebe. Normally I just see it at the Celery Bog near some water. Here though with the heavy rain coming down I guess I still saw it by some water.

The Power Of 60 Megapixels

On a dark day like Monday was I needed every bit of light that I could get. That meant no extender on my lens. I was photographing at a true 600mm. With the Sony A7R4 though I could use the crop mode of the camera and still have a 26 megapixel file to work with. That is more than my Sony A9 will give me natively. When dealing with birds you need every advantage that you can get to get in tight.

Stay Away From My Feeder!

Of course while I was looking out the window this squirrel came up and tried to get into my newly moved feeders. The look here says it all. He is trying to find a way to get in there to get it all. I normally don’t show the feeders in my photos, but this photo made me laugh enough to show it.

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