Photographing College Swimming: Purdue Hosts Indiana Intercollegiates

Back At The Purdue Pool

One sport that I love to photograph is swimming. You can make photos that you don’t have a chance at anywhere else. This is such a violent sport that it is fun to try and show that with my images. These athletes are doing amazing things in the water to propel themselves across the pool. One thing about photographing swimming is that I don’t do it often. I always love it when I have back to back weekends with the sport as I always feel like my second weekend is better. I have that chance as I will be photographing the swim meet against Notre Dame on Friday night.

The Week In Photos

Last week had my first swim meet of the fall season as well as probably my last baseball game of the year. We are getting to that point where seasons are overlapping. Here is a look back at a fun week of making photos.

Back With The Divers

Last spring I had fun covering the NCAA Zone’s that were held in West Lafayette. The divers were amazing, and I enjoyed getting a chance to focus on diving a bit. With Purdue out of the water for many heats of the swim portion Saturday I could spend a little more time than normal focusing on the divers. I love pictures like the one above. Here is a man pretty high up doing an amazing twist, and he looks so relaxed.

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