A New Path In Some Good Light

Taking A New Look At The Celery Bog

I usually have a pretty straight forward way that I walk around the Celery Bog. It is a way that has helped me make many images there. After doing that for a couple of days at the beginning of the last couple of weeks I have decided to change it up at the end of the week. On Friday I made my way on the other side of the bog to see just what I could find. Of course hanging out in the weeds means more little brown birds to try and tell apart. It was fun hanging out somewhere new though. The light was so great that it made sense to use it as much as possible.

Finding The Little Brown Birds

In the tall grasses it is not easy to find these little sparrows. They like to hide, and they are very good at it. When you can spot one and get a clear shot of it though it makes it all worthwhile. In the nice early morning light the grasses really light up. This is a fun game that I have a lot of time this winter to play.

Backsides Of The Bog

I have joked about having a website dedicated to just the backsides of the birds at the bog. Sometimes it can be infuriating though. This fall I have not made a good picture of the Palm Warbler yet. Here it was on a great branch with a great background, but facing the wrong way. I made this photo just to show you that this is really not easy. Even when you find the bird with all of the conditions right around it you still cannot get the bird to cooperate.

Morning With The Blue Jays

Normally the blue jays at the bog don’t come very close to me. They sit somewhere off in the distance and mimic hawks. Friday morning I was watching the jays fly into this tree over and over. I found a spot to watch the tree hoping that they would come to my side and the light. This blue jay was very cooperative though giving me a couple of good angles of it eating.

The Yellow Rumped Warbler Again

As I have been saying lately the only real warbler in any numbers is the yellow rumped warbler. They are everywhere. By hanging out in the weeds though I was able to make some photos of these birds that look a little different from what I had been making in the forest. I love these photos of a bird perched on a vertical perch. It just gives the bird a cool look. Here the background and foreground colors make the photo.

The Goldfinch In Golden Light

Near where I made the yellow rump photo above I saw this American Goldfinch hanging out. It was so into eating that it didn’t care that I snuck up a little closer. I was able to make a few photos of this bird in some great light. These will be nice to look at when everything is brown and white this winter. I have been storing a few photos aside for just that purpose.

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