Purdue Baseball Fall Series

Taking In One Last Game At Alexander Field This Year

I am always trying to stretch out my baseball photography. I don’t get to start as early as most, and by not photographing pro baseball I usually have to finish later as well. With the fall ball series it is nice to get out and make a few photos as the season is ending.

Freezing The Baseball

This is a fun trick that I try not to use too much. Recently though on his web series ‘The Grid’ Scott Kelby saw one of my photos of the frozen ball and said that it wasn’t possible to do. It is very possible though with no Photoshop needed. I went to the game with the idea of freezing the ball. With the fast shutter speed of the Sony A9 capturing the ball frozen was no problem. The thing that kept me photographing a little longer though was freezing the ball in the right place with the logo showing. This is part picking the right spot to focus on, and part luck. The luck is in the fact that you need the right pitch to come through this zone. Here everything worked together well to make a nice photo.

Is It Spring Yet?

I normally don’t like to wish away months. When baseball is done though I cannot wait until the next season to make more photos again. With this Purdue team that excitement is even higher. I love the way that they have been playing fall ball. They are really having fun, but at the same time playing hard. All of that together makes for great photos. Hopefully the weather is nice, and they play some games at home earlier this season then they have been.

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