Bird Photography On A Cloudy, Windy Day

Going Out On A Poor Weather Day

I still go for my morning walks on a bad day. Wednesday was one of those days. The light was not very good, and the wind felt like it could go right through me. On those days I still feel like I should go out. I always feel like the photo Gods reward me when I do go. I only stayed for a couple of hours Wednesday, but I made some photos that I liked.

Stop Fighting!

I was photographing this Eastern-Wood Pewee when an Eastern Phoebe came flying into my frame. After this quick exchange they both went on their way, but it was fun to see. Of course I wish I had known this would happen as I would have opened up my aperture a bit.

A Flicker Of Hope

Of course I had to make the bad joke about this photo. The Northern Flicker is a bird that does not comes down low very often. I am always glad when it does though because they make for good photos. On Wednesday I heard a flicker my entire walk, and then right at the end of it this one came down to pose for me. A red-bellied woodpecker came and chased this flicker off, and then gave me the same pose. This was a good way to end the day out at the bog.

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