Top 19 Baseball Photos of 2019

My 19 Favorite Baseball Photos From 2019

This was a fun baseball year for me. I was able to get to a couple of MLB games for the first time in a long time. I was able to see exciting baseball on multiple levels which is always fun. I added a few new ballparks to my list this year as well. When you visit a great park you always want to go back to it. This year I was able to do that as well. Don’t forget the free ice cream in Mason. This was a fun year making baseball photos. I don’t know how I will top it in 2020. I guess we will see.

Delino DeShields

19. Growing up when I did you had players that were big. When he came up Delino DeShields was a big name. He was a baseball card that you wanted to have. I used to dream of making those baseball card photos. Thirty years later I was able to photograph Delino DeShields Jr. while in Nashville. These are the little moments when you realize that you are really doing it.

18. I love these little behind the scenes moments. Getting the game acton is fun, but finding the moments around that action is even more fun. Here I was able to make a photo of a cool moment before the game even started.

17. One thing great about loving baseball where I live is the fact that there is a field in my neighborhood. Whenever I can I like to go down and make photos of the athletes on the field. This was a great game as the local team had just pulled a big upset with a pitcher that had not really pitched in a year or so. It was a great moment that I was glad to be able to photograph.

16. Since 2012 I had been visiting Ocean City, Maryland with family. I knew that there was a minor league park nearby, but on vacation it never happened. This year I was determined for it to happen, and finally attend a game at Perdue Stadium. Of course I picked the game when the monsoon hit. Just before the skies opened up though I made this photo of a lightning bolt over the stadium. I nearly got caught in the rain, but it would have been worth it for this photo.

15. Ice cream! I mean baseball. This countdown should be about baseball. The best part about photographing the Big East Tournament in Mason, Ohio is the baseball. The second best part is the free ice cream. This year they moved the truck farther away from the press box. The good news is that they made some of my photos much more interesting with it in the background.

14. While in Nashville to photograph Indiana State in the NCAA Tournament I was lucky enough to attend two minor league games. This one in Jackson, Tennessee featured former Sycamore Andy Young. He is on the rise in the Diamondback organization so I was very lucky to catch him before he moved up.

13. This year I saw more Lafayette Aviator games than ever before. I had fun as I got to know a little more about each of the players. My family had a great time at the games as well. This picture was made during the National Anthem of the final game in the history of Loeb Stadium. You can see more images from that final game in my photo story here.

12. This is not my idea. I really don’t know who made this type of photo first, but I saw it a couple of years ago from Brace Hemmelgarn of the Twins. I never put it into play in my own photography because it is a blatant rip off of his photo. When I saw the P being painted on the mound though I knew that I would. I had just made a similar photo to this at softball a week or so earlier so why not do it again? It is a fun way to make an interesting photo.

11. Game one of the Big East tournament was won in walkoff fashion. That means that this portly photographer must race out to catch the man who won the game. That is not so bad. To try and beat college boys in the prime of their life with all of my gear is a task. I did not beat them this time, but I made it out there eventually to make this photo. It was a fun start to a great tournament.

10. PNC Park in Pittsburgh had been on my list of stadiums to visit since I went to a school called PNC. It is a beautiful stadium set up the way that you think a stadium should be. While at the game I made a photo from our seats. It is a photo that has been made many times, but I wanted to make it for me.

9. What a difference a couple of minutes can make. Here in what was the final game of the Big East tournament the Xavier bench erupts as it looks as though the Musketeers can tie up the game. I really thought that this would be the start of something very interesting. Things did not go the Musketeers way, and very quickly I was making the #6 photo on this countdown.

8. I made this during my first baseball game of the season. Jake Means had just hit a big home run for Indiana State during their home opener. I was in a great spot to get his reaction as he came to celebrate with his teammates. I would start my collegiate season with Indiana State and I would end it with them.

7. This was the sunset during my last game photographing Purdue this season. I love Alexander Field and the potential for great sunsets. This year I never really had the glorious sunset that I was hoping for. This one was pretty good though. There is no official tally, but I bet that I have photographed more games in this stadium than anyone else. Next year with the addition of the Lafayette Aviator games I will get to see baseball in Alexander even more.

6. As Creighton clinched the Big East baseball tournament the scrum was on to make the iconic photo of their win. You don’t have much time to think about it as you don’t know where the dog pile will be. You have to quickly think on your feet to make the photo. I was happy with this one as I was able to include the Prasco Park signage in the background.

Dylan Cease

5. On my way to Nashville for a series of games I stopped in Indianapolis to see Dylan Cease pitch for the Charlotte Knights. Over the course of the last few years I have been lucky enough to see many of the top White Sox prospects as they come through Indianapolis. Dylan was no exception. I set out to make an interesting photo of the man as he pitched. I liked this one the best. Dylan is now with the big league club, and hopefully I can someday photograph him with the White Sox.

4. This was the culmination of many things that really worked in my favor. With the sun going down at Loeb Stadium I decided to make this image of the catcher receiving the pitch. I had a lot of practice with this image as my oldest spent the early spring as the catcher on her softball team. I would wait until she used her mitt on the ground to adjust her position, and then try and capture the ball as it hit her mitt. Having that knowledge I was very excited when I saw the catcher for the Lafayette Aviators doing the same thing. I knew that with the sun on the other side of him that I would get a picture that I really liked. The sun flare into my camera lens just finished everything off great.

3. Number three on the countdown has a lot to do with sun as well. While at a West Lafayette high school game the sun was just streaming in from right field. You can go on the first base side and work with the light, or you can move onto the third base side and use it. Here everything came together for a picture that I really love. The cottonwood in the background just gives me an interesting bokeh that I never would have expected. Both of the young men in the #3 and #4 photos on this countdown will be playing for Purdue next season so I will have plenty of more opportunities to photograph them there.

2. This was a long time coming. I had not visited Comiskey Park in a couple of years. I had the idea that I would have to attend at least one game this season. I did not expect it to be against the Cubs though. As the White Sox finished off the win against the Cubs I made this photo. I loved the remnants of fireworks in the sky as well as the cheering fans in the foreground. I may never get to photograph from the photo wells at this park, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t make a good image from my seat in the stands.

1. This may be the luckiest that I have ever been as a photographer. I saw something going on in the Indiana State huddle, but I didn’t know what it was. One of the pitchers was dancing, but facing the other way. I was going to switch to that side, but video people were on either side of me. That was when he did a backflip! Instinct took over and I pressed my shutter button. I loved this photo and how it showed the excitement these young men had playing in the NCAA Tournament. I knew right then that this one would be a hard one to beat.


So there are my 19 favorite images from this past baseball season. It was an amazing year for me. I was able to cross a couple of things off of my baseball bucket list. Next year I have a couple of ideas that could make things very interesting. This was a fun list to put together. I think that it will be hard to top next year. It will be fun trying though.

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