Purdue Soccer Defeats #19 Iowa To Start The Big Ten Season 2-0

Purdue Soccer Defeats #19 Iowa To Remain Undefeated In The Big Ten

This was a fun weekend making sports photos. I only saw three Purdue events, but they were all victorious. The weekend ended with a big win by the Purdue soccer team over #19 Iowa. This team is playing really well right now. They are very stingy on defense, and that is making it possible for them to be in these games. It would be amazing to see this team back in the Big Ten Tournament. Heck dare I say it? I would like to see a banner at Folk Field.

Senior Day

Senior day is always a fun day filled with emotion. This was a senior day a little early in the season so it didn’t have that feeling of emotion. When you have a ranked team in town maybe that is just what the doctor ordered. It is always fun to be a part of senior day and those memories.

Switching Lenses

I have really been having fun having three bodies that I can really rely on for sports. My Canon 5D Mark IV was my baby, but it was not a sports camera. All three of my bodies now can make the photos that I want. Having two of what I call my ‘sports’ bodies is awesome. It lets me make the photos that I have wanted to for a long time now. This photo above was made with my ‘second body’, but at this point who is to say what is what.

The Week In Photos

You can see my favorite photos from last week here on my Exposure page. While you are cruising Exposure check out my gallery of images from this weekend’s soccer action on the Purdue Sports Exposure site here.

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