Purdue Volleyball Opens The Stacey Clark Classic With A Win

Purdue Starts The Stacey Clark Classic Off Right

Purdue won about as easily as you can to start off their lone home tournament this year. They had just played a tough five set match on Wednesday night at Kentucky so the quick start to the tournament was probably much needed. It was fun to see the team really playing well and enjoying themselves. That makes for much better photos.

Remembering Stacey Clark

The way that my schedule works out this weekend this will be the only game of the Stacey Clark Classic that I will get to see in person. In the past I would have several games booked for the tournament, but this year soccer was where I was booked. I always look forward to this tournament every year because of the namesake. Stacey was an amazing person that always had a good word ready for you. Even when I was making horrible volleyball photos she would send me notes telling me how good they were. When you are just starting out you always remember those that helped keep your spirits up. Stacey was one of those people. I am so glad that Purdue has given her this honor with her own weekend celebration every year. I still miss seeing that big smile on game days in Holloway.

Loving The Rokinon 85mm f/1.4 Lens

Yesterday I talked about how much I have been using this lens. I wanted to see if it had a place at a volleyball match. I really think that it does. I don’t think that you should use it as much as I did yesterday, but it can make some nice images if you use it sparingly. The good thing about where I am at now is that I have many good bodies that I trust with me at all times. In the past I had my one good sports camera, and a couple of other bodies that would get the job done. Now I have a couple of A9 bodies that let me play a little more and use lenses like this. That is a great place to be in.

Blake Blocks

I don’t look at the stats usually when I photograph a game. I didn’t see the stat sheet from this match in fact. At one point though I think that Blake Mohler was blocking everything that came her way. She was a force early on in the day. She ended up getting a little rest near the end, but that early display was pretty amazing. This is a really good volleyball team all around. I need to find more ways to get to Holloway to watch them play.

Heading Up Top

One thing that I didn’t think about with the new video boards was that my favorite position to make photos from would be gone. I loved to sit up high in the middle of the bleachers to make photos of the players over the net. Now I can move off to the side a little, but the main position is gone. That is a small price to pay for the great new boards. The photographers are the only people that will notice this difference. I don’t like heights, and I don’t like to climb things. When it makes the athletes look athletic though I will do it.

Come Walk With Me

On October 5th I am leading a photowalk on the campus of Purdue University. The walk is very informal. It is just a chance for a bunch of photographers to get together to make some images. All skill levels are welcome. Bring whatever you make photos with. You can read more about the walk by going here. Some new and exciting news about the walk is that it now has a sponsor. Camera Outfitters is giving away an 8×10 print to every walker as well as a $25 dollar gift card to one lucky walker. I have also added a $10 gift card to Kathie’s Kandies in downtown Lafayette, as well as a Walt’s Pub gift card. I am working on some other prizes for the walk as well.

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