Hanging With Dumbledore

Hanging With Albus Dumbledore

One of the highlights from our walk through Hogwarts Castle was being in Dumbledore’s office. My oldest loved getting to see the office, and then Dumbledore himself walked in to talk to us. It was a very good effect that in the low light absolutely looked real. While she marveled at the headmaster I fell in love with the bookshelves.

The Castle Walk

At the end of this walk was a ride that not all of our family could go on. One of the secrets of the park is that you can just walk the express portion of the line and get to see everything on the walk, and then get out of line right at the last minute. Most of the rides for Harry Potter are designed so that you don’t feel like you are in line. As you walk through the castle line you just think that you are getting a tour of the castle. This is a great idea, and the only way that I will voluntarily stand in line.

Come Walk With Me

This year I am once again leading the Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk on the campus of Purdue University. This is a very relaxed walk that will be more about the fun of making photos rather than making the best photo. All skill levels and ages welcome. You can click here to go right to the page for the Purdue photowalk.

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