Purdue Football Under The Lights

Ross Ade Stadium Looking Great Under The Lights

Saturday was a day that I had been looking forward to for a while. Knowing the game time I knew that there would be some good light to show off one of my favorite places. With all of the new additions it is even cooler under the lights. The new lights really give the place a glow.

Pregame On Slayter Hill

One thing that I have never done in all of my years on campus is see the pregame concert on Slayter Hill. I have even tailgated on it. Of course when I was there the coach at the time thought that the concert should be in the basketball arena. Part of my game day assignment was to photograph the scene at Slayter. It was fun getting out to do something different before the game.

The Pregame Flyover

This is a picture that I have made before. An ultra wide angle on the flag with the planes overhead. With an assignment on the field right after the flyover though I had limited options. I really wanted to try out the Sony 12-24mm lens as well. I have been playing around with it to see if it can really replace my Canon 11-24mm. That was a lens that made some photos that have really sold well. When I switched to Sony that was one concern was that I would lose that look. This photo shows me that I really had nothing to worry about.

Game Action

This whole post has pretty much skipped the game hasn’t it? I did make some photos during the game on Saturday. This was one of my favorites as Purdue scored a long touchdown late in the game.

The Week In Photos

Last week saw a return to the Celery Bog as well as some late season baseball action. Of course the football game on Saturday was the big sporting event of the week. You can see my favorite images from last week on my Exposure site here.

A Familiar Location

Before I left for the stadium I realized that it was nearly six years to the date since I made the photo that really changed the course of my photography. I made the photo of the Purdue run out that was widely used, and kind of put my name on the map. There I was six years later with my time in the stands coming. I saw some color still in the sky so I ran up to the closest spot to me which happened to be a couple of sections over from that photo. A lot has changed in that six years at Ross Ade Stadium, and I liked that much of that makes it into this photo. The new ribbon board looks great on the north end of the stadium.

Come Walk With Me

This year I am once again leading the Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk on the campus of Purdue University. This is a very relaxed walk that will be more about the fun of making photos rather than making the best photo. All skill levels and ages welcome. You can click here to go right to the page for the Purdue photowalk.

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