Photographing The Purdue Volleyball Scrimmage

Photographing The Purdue Volleyball Scrimmage

Saturday afternoon I made my first trip of the season to Holloway Gymnasium to see the Purdue volleyball team. One of the more exciting sports that I photograph during the year is volleyball. You have so much to get. You have action, jube, and fans up close and personal. That said volleyball can be a hard sport to photograph. That is why I like to get out and make images early in the year to get the hang of it. This is always a good opportunity to do that.

Welcoming Back Purdue Volleyball Family

It was fun seeing some familiar faces again as Purdue held their alumnae day. The biggest cheer during the introductions had to be for Annie Drews as she has just recently won a World Championship in volleyball, and was named MVP of that championship. It is always good to see everyone come back again. The four years that they are here comes and goes so fast.

New Faces

This is always an interesting time because there are some new faces on the team. This year it seems like there are more than ever. It was just an intrasquad scrimmage, but a lot of these new faces look like they will be playing a lot this year. I am always the fan that is overly optimistic, but I think this team is going to be pretty good. They play in a very tough conference so they had better be good.

The Week In Photos

Last week was a fun one. I was able to get out and really make some sports images. The fall is always great for that. You can view my favorite images from last week here.

Getting In Tight

For most of the match I stayed tight with my 400mm lens on my Sony A9. I wanted to get up close and personal. This is a crazy technique that I use to get better where I shoot so tight that I have to get better. You can shoot loose and crop all day. That doesn’t make you any better. Getting in just a little too tight forces you to make better choices. By the end of the matches I felt that I had improved. Right now I am not scheduled to photograph volleyball again for almost a month. Getting a few reps in here and there though can help make that first match easier to photograph.

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