Old Time Base Ball

Seeing A Replica Early Baseball Game

Yesterday I drove out to Prophetstown State Park to watch an old time baseball game. For years my old hometown had one of these, but they always clashed with the first Purdue football game of the year. Needless to say I never saw one in person because of that. To finally be able to see one of these things was really fun. I loved the classic uniforms, and I really tried to isolate the players to show that off. Of course anyone with a red or yellow shirt kept creeping into my backgrounds. That made the shots that I was able to make with nobody else in the background that much better.

The Last Shots With The Tamron 150-600mm Lens

As I have been switching to Sony I have put a bunch of my camera gear up on my Facebook page. Of course as I was using this lens which I use quite a bit I sold the thing. I am glad that it worked out, and this was a cool shoot to end it on. This shoot was meant to be a test of the lens with the metabones adapter. It was working very well to the point I thought about taking the lens off of the list for now. Of course that meant that it sold. The goal is to have gear that all is made for Sony as quickly as possible though so it is a good thing. This is a great little lens for the money that you spend for it. At some point I will end up with the model made for Sony.

Down On The Farm

This was a great way to play this game. The old barn in the background was amazing. The sky was perfect as well. In other words this was a great setting for a ball game. If the Belle River base ball club comes near your area give them a shot. It is a great experience.

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