One Last Saturday Night At Loeb Stadium

On Last Saturday Sunset At Loeb Stadium

Saturday night was another fun night at Loeb Stadium. The time for this old stadium is winding down. By the time this post goes live there will be just one game left for the stadium, and that is tomorrow night. This is a great little stadium that has a lot of history to it. I wanted to have at least one good game of showing off the old place. As the sun was setting I took the drone up to show off the surroundings a little. With the sun so low on the horizon it made for an interesting photo.

A Grand Entrance

Before the game the ball was expertly delivered by two skydivers. I say expertly because they started at the beginning of the National Anthem and landing as it ended. It was a pretty cool sight to see. This is part of what made the night so special. When two men jump from a plane to enter the stadium at the beginning you know that you are in for a good night.

Three Ways To Shoot

For this game I had three cameras with me. The new Sony A9 was on my 600mm lens. Also in my bag was the Canon 5D Mark IV with a 24-70mm lens on it, and my DJI Mavic Air. I don’t know that I have ever covered anything with three different makes of camera before. I don’t think this makes me special or anything, but it was just a fun thing that I was thinking about. Part of the reason might have been that I had been on a roll using some equipment at an event and then selling it. I thought maybe the same would happen Saturday night. That was not the case.

The Week In Photos

Last week was a lot of baseball. I can’t deny that. A few Aviator games along with some old time baseball. I have been having some fun playing around with my new camera, and I think it shows in my weekly look back at my images. You can see my favorite images from last week here.

Making A Large Panoramic Image

The image above is a 24 shot combination used to make this panoramic. I love making these larger than life images because they are a real challenge. You have to time everything just right so that it looks like the image was made at one time. This was my second attempt, and I think that it really worked. This was the image that I set out to make Saturday night. I wanted something to remember the old stadium with.

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