The Wings Of Freedom Tour Visits The Purdue Airport

Seeing More History At The Purdue Airport

This has been a fun summer seeing aviation history at the Purdue Airport. When I heard that the Wings of Freedom Tour was coming I knew that I would end up down there. These planes are so cool, and they really are a look into the past. How brave must these men have been to get inside of these things and go off into who knows what? It is great walking through them and thinking about those that sat in here over 70 years ago. It is really great that these things are still up and around flying to remind us of how we made it to this point in history.

Sony And Canon Together

For most of my walk around the planes I was using all Sony gear. I had the Sony A9 with the Sony 24-105mm lens on it. When I went inside of the planes I switched over to the 11-24mm Canon lens though. An adapter allowed me to still use this great lens. I think that nearly all of my Canon gear is for sale right now. One thing that isn’t is that 11-24.

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