Lafayette Supernova Headshots

Another Round Of Roller Derby Headshots

Every year one of my favorite shoots are the headshots for the local roller derby team. A long time ago I heard the quote that if you want to make an interesting photo then you need to stand in front of something interesting. These ladies all have a lot to bring to the table for headshots. The props are amazing. I even was able to see Negan’s bat from the Walking Dead. These shoots are always fun, and I have one more to go this year.

Behind The Scenes

These are the fun shots to make during the shoot. I could just stand there, but they tell the story much better than I can in words here. This is a true team with everyone helping out.

Where Is My Sony?

I used my Canon 5D Mark IV for this shoot as I have all of the cables for it. It has more megapixels right now than my Sony. Soon though that will all change. I had the Sony in my bag with the Canon 50mm f/1.4 and my Metabones adapter for candid stuff. After the shoot I brought it out to make the photo above. The camera still has not disappointed me.

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