The Start Of Liberty

Seeing Independence Hall

A couple of years ago on the way home from our summer vacation we stopped by Independence Hall. This was a place that I always wanted to visit. Seeing where our country really started was amazing. With all of the bickering and fighting that goes on now I kind of wish that we could find something to all get behind again. Can you imagine what a building this was back in the day? How crazy it must have been to walk into it knowing that you were committing treason against one country to start another one. These brave men set us on the course to becoming what we are now. Tomorrow we remember that brave start to this country.

The 24-105

This photo was made with my old 24-105mm lens. I used the heck out of my first copy of this lens. When the version II came out I hesitated before buying it. I have never looked back though. When I am traveling this is the perfect lens for me. I can get fairly wide while at the same time have a little zoom if I need it. As I have travelled this summer the new copy is always in my bag.

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