Help On The Way

Always Fun Having A Little Help

Last night I headed down to campus wondering if the sky would light up. On nights like last night it is always a coin flip, and I wanted to be there in case it came up my way. As I was leaving my daughter asked to come along with me. At five photography is probably the most boring thing that she can think of so I always jump at the chance to take her along. She asked for a camera so I gave her my Sony point and shoot to use. The sky did not light up like I wanted it to, but it still gave us a good show. Once she came along the trip was always going to be a success anyway.

Using The 11-24mm Lens

As I was editing my photos from my first night photographing this new arch in May I realized that I used my 11-24mm lens all wrong. I was stuck on a horizontal photo when this clearly was a vertical one. I knew that I would be back to try this again, but I just didn’t know when I would be able to. I tried last week, but the sky was not cooperating. I still think that I can improve upon this photo, but it has a lot of the elements that I had in mind when I set out to make it. That 11mm look with the seal is pretty cool. I have one more idea to try before I give up on this idea. I talked about working the photo yesterday, and this is the long end of that process.

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