Flying A Drone During A Tornado Warning

When The Tornado Sirens Go Off

Here where I live in Indiana we do not get too many tornado sirens. That is why when the sirens go off that I make sure everyone is safe down in the basement. It is usually then when I go outside to see what is going on. I love storms, and I love to see them roll in. This storm had its moment where we live, but it was never too bad. In fact when the sirens went off for the third time I walked upstairs to see what was happening. Again not that smart, but I did. When I looked outside it was not raining, and there were very few clouds. I had a brilliant/stupid idea I would fly my drone.

Flying The Drone During A Tornado Warning

There was almost no wind so taking the drone up was not an issue. It would give me a birds eye view of the area to see where the bad weather was at. I really never saw a bad cell, but I did see some great clouds. I burned through all three of my drones batteries just watching the clouds roll by. When sunset hit I had hoped for a great one, but it was just okay. It did have its moments though as you can see above.

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