Top 10 Xavier Baseball Images Of 2019

My Favorite Ten Images From The 2019 Xavier Baseball Season

As I sit here in Nashville photographing baseball again I couldn’t help but think that this is where it all started with Xavier. I have photographed multiple sports for them since that series, but it all started with baseball. This year I was finally able to experience a conference tournament run with the team. Here are my favorite images from a few games with the Musketeers this season.

10. During the last game of the Big East Tournament I was playing around quite a bit. At that point you have plenty of coverage of everyone. With a 3-2 count on the batter I knew that the runner would be going at first. With that in mind I quickly switched over to my multi-exposure mode to try an idea that I have had for a while. I was married to the idea of having the Big East logos in the shot. From where I was though that didn’t lend itself to a good running posture yet. This may be an idea that I play around with this weekend in Nashville.

9. I loved the logos in head coach Billy O’Conner’s glasses here. Coaches can be the toughest people to make photographs of especially when they don’t coach a base. With the configuration at Prasco I was able to make a few coach portraits.

8. Prior to the game at Purdue the team was playing a great hand eye game. I knew that there was a photo in there somewhere. They were having so much fun doing it that I didn’t want to get too close and ruin it though. These are the little pregame moments that I love though as they help tell the story of game day.

7. In the final Big East tournament game I made this image of one of the tournament heroes Luke Franzoni going up for a fly ball. I love the impact marks on the wall as he tries to make this catch.

6. I talked about this photo on the blog the other day, but I love the little details like this. The great socks and the player drawing in the dirt with his foot.

5. At the game in West Lafayette I made this image from behind the plate. I was trying to get low enough to be able to see the ball as it neared the plate. With the 600mm lens that was no problem.

4. When a team is rolling the bench is as well. Here I loved the bench reaction to a home run. This put Xavier up by as comfortable of a margin as you can have at that park, and put them in the championship game. The emotion is what makes postseason baseball so much fun.

3. I love this moment in between innings of Allbry Major. He is having fun while warming up, but it is such a pure moment. These are the moments that make me go back out for more. It would probably be at #2 on this list, but I didn’t want the same player at the top of the list twice.

2. Conor Grammes is a heck of a baseball player. He pitched a great game in the tourney in addition to providing a great bat at the top of the order. Here he is waiting for his turn to bat during the final game of the tournament.

  1. This was by far my favorite image of Xavier this past season. In the ninth inning of the final game they were still fighting. They had runners on the corners with a great chance to tie the game. I just knew that extra innings were on the way. That was not meant to be though, and this image never would be used like I thought that it could be. It was still a great story telling image from a fun tournament.

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