Lafayette Aviators vs. Danville Dans

Another Great Night At Loeb Stadium

Tuesday night was another fun night to make baseball photos at Loeb Stadium. I of course loved the old Loeb, and I knew it would take a while for the new stadium to grow on me. I never thought that I would come to love it this quick. The orientation of the stadium allows for some great sunset photos. The great light that we had in the old stadium is the trade off, but you can’t beat a good sunset photo.

A Familiar Face

There are a couple of new faces on the Aviators since the last homestead. One of them is very familiar to me. I covered Allbry Major a lot during his time at Xavier. I still remember one of the SID’s pointing him out to me at a tournament saying that he would be a good one. That was before he had even joined the team. Allbry is one of those players that just makes good photos. Back in 2019 the last time that I saw him play he made my Xavier list of best images three times. You can find that list here. This is already a fun team, but it is about to get even more fun.

The Fun Begins

There is a point in these summer ball seasons when the players really start to gel and get to know each other. You can tell that we are there right now. With a month to go in the season that will make for better baseball and better photos. The fun is just now starting with these guys.

More Photos From The Game

Here is a link to my gallery from the game. These really are fun games to cover, and I hope to get to as many as I can as the season winds down. Weather permitting I will be back tonight to see them take on Terre Haute.

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