Purdue Baseball Opens Up Their Home Season

Purdue Baseball Comes Home

The bad thing about being a northern college baseball team is that you play the first month of the season away from home. You have to because it just isn’t baseball weather up here. Purdue came home to play for the first time on Tuesday night, and you always wonder if those early season games will even happen. This one did, and for the most part the weather was not too bad. It was in the high 40’s with a healthy does of sun. In mid March that is not too bad.

A Little Off

Something just wasn’t right Tuesday night. I just seemed to be off. As I was editing my photos and realizing this I started blaming the equipment. That is the easiest thing to blame. More likely though is the operator. Was I just rusty when it comes to photographing baseball? I felt like I was getting to the plays in time, but I obviously was not. The bad news about having a bad game like this is that I have a long wait until I get to do it all again. I may have to find a game soon to get some of this rust out.

More Photos From The Game

You can see more photos from the game here on the Purdue sports Exposure site. The paragraph above probably does not sell the link too well, but there are some good photos in there.

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