NCAA Zone C Diving Championships (Day One)

Day One Of The Zone C Diving Championships

For the next couple of days I will be immersed in college diving. Diving is a sport that I don’t get to photograph much of. I hate to admit it, but even during a meet it comes when I have time to get to it. Here I get to focus on diving to make some images that I have always wanted to make.

Behind The Scenes

Part of the fun of the day was hanging out by the diving boards trying to find the moments in between the dives. This is something that I never have time to do, but of course I had time yesterday. This is the fun of doing what I do. Diving is not easy to capture. At least it is not for me. To be able to spend some time working on it really makes me happy.

Using The 300mm

To start the day I was using my 300mm lens as my primary lens. I wanted to get a little tighter than I could with my 70-200mm lens, but I also wanted to stay at f/2.8. The light in the diving area is not too good so I didn’t want to shoot any lower than f/2.8. Over the course of the next couple of days I may try a few things to get my into the action a little more. For now the new 300mm lens really does the trick.

More Photos From The Day

You can see more of my photos from day one by clicking here. There is a full gallery up on the Purdue Exposure site.

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