Metallica Visits Banker’s Life Fieldhouse

Metallica Briefly Interrupts March Madness In Indiana

Monday night Metallica came to town and played a venue that has seen a few basketball championships over the last couple of weeks. March is a time for basketball in Indiana, but for one night we could all enjoy a good old fashioned rock show. I bought tickets to this show over a year before the show was to happen. There is only one band that I would do that for. Since then I found out that they would be playing ACL so I was lucky enough to see them perform last year as well. That makes three straight years seeing these guys. With the kids and my schedule that is actually quite a feat for me. Hopefully I can keep adding to that total. These guys are worth it.

25 Years Of Metallica

My first ever concert was a Metallica show in 1994. It was at the World Music Theater just outside of Chicago. Twenty five years later and they are still going strong. Metallica is a big part of my game day. Every trip to shoot an event starts with The Ecstasy of Gold just like the Metallica show does. I liked that song before the show in ’94, but it really made me love it even more. Most of my pump up music for games comes from Metallica. To hear them play it live is always a treat. Who knows how much longer I will be able to see them play live. For now I had better take advantage of every chance that I can get.

The Old Fashioned Rock Show

These guys are still out there doing it. They are putting on a show. This new set and design is amazing. They have the “tv’s” that come move all around with different lighting/media on them. They also had drones that came up out of the stage at times. Whenever the band would get way wide all at the same time I also knew that pyro was about to happen. It was a good old fashioned show that I remember from seeing shows back in the day. Now they seem to all be the same, but this one was different and great. They are still pushing boundaries which is pretty cool.

Metallica Up Close

When I bought my tickets I paid extra to sit up close. I wanted to see my heroes faces as they sang. I was not disappointed in where I picked. It seemed like with the tuning center right in front of me that I was constantly seeing faces. This shot of James was one that I would have never dreamt of making, but it actually worked out for me. To be honest you never know when it will be your last Metallica show. I think they are far from done, but nothing is guaranteed. From now on I will be as close to the music as possible when I see them.

The Sony RX100 VI

This little Sony camera is amazing! I would love to use my real gear at one of these shows, but that is not possible. I also would not enjoy the show as much because I would be thinking about shots and locations to get them. With this little point and shoot I can still take a camera into the arena, and it will get me the shots that I want. It shoots in RAW and manual which is great for me. It puts out a great file that I can tweak on a little. I am sold on this thing after this show.

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