Canadian Geese At The Celery Bog

Getting The Rare Opportunity To See Canadian Geese At The Celery Bog

Ok that heading was a little misleading. You can basically see a goose at the bog any day of the year. This time of year you can find hundreds of them. To be honest they are so common that I don’t pay that much attention to them. I think about that at times. You can get excited about a bird because you rarely see it. Somewhere else in the country they could care less about it because they see it all the time. The grass is always greener I guess.

Having Some Fun

At one point about a quarter of the birds trying to keep the water open took off at once. The photo was nice, but I had an idea. I wanted to really slow down my shutter speed to introduce a little motion into the photo. Of course the never blasted off again, but while I was waiting I was having some fun panning with the birds at 1/50th of a second. I knew right away as I was doing this that I would end up converting to black and white. I love the way that the birds look here. Imagine this with a few hundred more of their friends around them. That is for another day though.

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