A Spring Day At The Celery Bog In February

Enjoying A Spring Day In February

I live in Indiana where the weather can be all over the place. A week before this walk at the Celery Bog it was below zero with dangerous wind chills. A few days later it was 53 and beautiful. Nearly a one hundred degree swing in less than a week. At that point I was just fine with a nice day to get out and make some photos. Below are a few of my favorite photos from a fun morning walk.

The Downy Looks For Food

For some reason when I post a photo of a downy woodpecker online I get noses in the air. I think that they are beautiful, and even though I see a lot of them I will always make a photo of them. Here is one that I made early on in my walk. At one point I thought that it might be the only photo from the walk that I liked.

Walking Away With Good Images

Sometimes during these walks I start to worry that I won’t come away with any images. At some point that thought goes through my mind. Unlike a sporting event though where I am paid to get the shots this is for fun. Actually it is more about the walk. On days when I find very few birds to photograph I actually get a longer walk in. My waistline would like less birds so that I can walk further.

The Snow Geese Say Hello

At one point when I was deep in the woods I saw a huge flock of snow geese fly over. We don’t see a lot of those here so a big number of them is something else. I made a couple of close up photos as they flew directly overhead, but nothing to write home about. As I was nearing a place to get out away from the woods they flew off a ways from me. I was able to get about 1/3 of the flock into this photo. It is still a sizable amount of birds. It was a cool thing that I had never seen at the bog before.

Flight Of The Mute Swan

Few things at the bog can make the sounds that a mute swan taking off can make. Their large wings beating the water lets you know right away what is going on. I was far away when it happened here and it was loud. I can only imagine what the ducks and geese around the swan must think. This is a cool moment that is fun to try and capture with my camera.

2 Replies to “A Spring Day At The Celery Bog In February”

  1. Beautiful, Dave. We have the beauty of nature encased in ice today in the Chicago area. Absolutely stunning! I did get a laugh at the irony of a mute swan making a lot of noise. 🙂


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