Waiting For Baseball

Waiting For Baseball Season To Start

It has already begun. I log on to social media to see people that I know making baseball photos. This weekend things will get even worse as the college baseball season starts. I have a while before baseball makes its way up north. These are the hardest weeks of the year for me. Realistically by the time this post goes live I will only have about three weeks until some teams have come north. I think that I would shoot a game in the snow just to get some baseball in. I haven’t seen a game live since July.  That is a long time for me. I usually find a way to work in some fall baseball, but this year it didn’t happen. For most it seems like baseball is a boring sport. For me it is a sport that always has something going on. Between it and football I can’t seem to shoot it enough every year.

Maybe I Can Start Sooner

This coming weekend I have events away from the sports world to have some fun with. I do a lot of sports photography, but that is not all that I do. The following weekend as crazy as it seems is one where I would love to shoot sports, but nothing is on the calendar.  I have been having some crazy thoughts about jumping on a plane to find something to photograph. Baseball of course is what is on my mind, and seeing some in warm weather would not upset me too much. Where would you go if you could?

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