My Backyard Birds: The Red Breasted Nuthatch

The Red Breasted Nuthatch Rings In The New Year

One bird that I have been trying to get in front of my lens is the red breasted nuthatch. The white breasted version seems to love to pose for me. The red breasted is a quick darter that does not stay in one place long. I have made shots of it on the feeder to prove that I have seen it, but I had not made a shot of it on a perch yet. That is until yesterday. While grabbing a feeder to fill it a red was just sitting above my head chirping at me. I realized he was asking for a photo so I went inside to get my camera. If they want a photo who am I to tell them no? When I returned he was still sitting there waiting for me.

Sorting It All Out

This year I changed how I sort my critter photos. Last year they all went into one album on my site. When I started making more and more bird photos it became too much. This year I decided to break it up a bit. It makes it easier for me to find photos so I hope that it makes it easier for you as well.

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