Purdue Blasts Through Iowa

Remembering Tyler Trent

Before the game started the Boilers played a short video and had a moment of silence for Tyler Trent. No words that I use on this blog will ever do justice to what he meant to the Purdue community. He was a bright spot in a world that seems headed in the other direction at times. When you open up social media and find hate everywhere you also could find Tyler. He was a special young man that deserves all of the accolades he has been getting these last few days. I wanted to make a photo of the celebration tonight with that in mind. I think the Purdue photographer Charles made a better photo, but I wanted to chip in my little piece.

When A Picture Falls Right In Your Lap

I was strategically placed near the spot where I used to watch games from to get the memorial for Tyler, and I decided to stay there for intros. I was not there to shoot game action so getting back to my seat was not a huge priority for me. As the intros were going on I started seeing a fist show up in my viewfinder. I looked down to see a young man dressed in Purdue garb jumping up and down for each player. Suddenly the photo idea changed. This was the photo. Well after the game I found out that this young man was also named Tyler. He had cancer, but it is now in remission. Sports can be a silly thing at times, but when you see the joy they bring this young man much like they did Tyler you realize that they can be bigger than the game.

A Great Halftime Show

The halftime show was an amazing acrobatic/dunk contest that was super fun to photograph. I was only going to stay for the first half so I was leaving when I realized what was about to go down. This was the chance to make a photo that I have been thinking about for years. I have always wanted a breakaway dunk in the second half so I could make a shot similar to the famous Michael Jordan free throw line dunk shot. I never seem to be in the right place for that though. With many dunks happening during non-gameplay I was able to get closer to the basket and get my camera right on the ground. The result is a fun photo that shows just how high these guys can get.

Nobody To Send It To

For the past year or so I have been making photos of my #TylerStrong band in various places that I have been lucky enough to visit. Each time I did I would send them to Tyler to let him know that he was there with me. Tonight before the game I took my band off and made a photo of it in front of the Paint Crew. As I was walking away I realized that this would be the first time that I had done this without sending it to him.

Game Action

At some point I did make some game action photos yesterday. As I said above I only shot the first half of the game. I did have some fun although I don’t know that I made anything amazing. It was nice to get some sports shots in during this new year though. When I am compiling all of the year end lists it starts to make me antsy to get out and make some photos. This was a good chance to do just that. The next sporting event on my calendar is over a week away so I would have been going crazy by then.

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