Ross Ade Stadium As A Gingerbread House

A Great Gingerbread House Featuring Ross Ade Stadium

Yesterday my daughter and I walked around the Purdue Memorial Union as we do every year taking in the sights and sounds of Christmas on campus. We always head down that way to see the giant tree and she always tries to eat some of the large gingerbread house that is in the main hall as well. We also love to look at the gingerbread houses that the dining halls put together. They always have some great work there, but this year one really stuck out to me. The replica of Ross Ade Stadium was just too cool not to write a blog post about. I was hooked from the minute I first saw the back of the scoreboard.

The Field Looks Good

For early December the field really looks good. I try and joke about that, but last weekend when I saw the actual field it still looked good as well. It is amazing how good the real field looks, and this replica field looks as green as the actual field.

A Great Memory

Looking at the gingerbread stadium from the backside I couldn’t help but have a flashback to October. The score on the scoreboard showed that Purdue had just taken down Ohio State. I loved seeing Purdue Pete celebrating on the field on the actual day, and this cookie Pete looks just as good. One of my favorite moments from 2018 for sure.

Tyler Strong

I loved the way that they gave Tyler Trent a shoutout in the stadium. If you have not seen the story of Tyler Trent then you have been under a rock. That young man is really something else. He is an inspiration for everyone, and it is really amazing to see just how many people his story has affected.

My Choice For The Winning Gingerbread Creation

Obviously this was my favorite of the lot. There were a couple of more that I enjoyed including a very current looking Purdue clock tower. The little details here sold me on the stadium though. Maybe what I do for a living skews my vote here. Tomorrow I will have a closer look around the Union at Christmas time.

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