Bald Eagles Of The Wabash

The Bald Eagles Of The Wabash Return

Yesterday I had a walk at the Celery Bog planned, but it was just too cold in the morning. I decided to check out some prime winter spots in my car. Of course at my first stop I found a bald eagle so I ended up out of my car most of the morning anyway. I have seen some bald eagles this year, but they were always obscured by something. Yesterday I was able to get a prime shot at an eagle on a perch as well as get a couple of chances to photograph one in flight.

Getting In Tight With The 600

One of the fun things about seeing the eagles was the fact that I have really been wanting to try a new setup on them. I had my new 600mm lens and my 2x teleconverter attached to my 7D Mark II. In my opinion this gives me a reach of 1920mm. That is quite a bit. Tracking a bird in flight at nearly 2000mm is really something to try. I am not going to lie and say that I was fantastic at it. I really struggled keeping it in frame as it filled up my entire frame almost. It was fun to try though, and I need to get out a little more to really perfect my tracking.

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