Flying The Drone At The Michigan City Lighthouse

Taking The Drone Up To Get A New View On An Old Standby

Earlier this year I had my Phantom 4 Pro up at the Michigan City Lighthouse. I was hoping to see some cool ice patterns, but those had blown away by the time that I got there. I did see some cool shelves of ice on the shore though that for some reason we decided to climb. I loved my photos from the ground, but I really wanted to see what I could make from the air. There is something about being over your subject that lets you see things in a completely different manner. Makes sense huh? This was one view that I had thought of when I went up, but it was my least favorite by the time I was done with my shoot. When you are up in the air you really have to fly by the seat of your pants to use a pun.

Feeling The Need To Fly

As the end of the year nears my end of year posts will start to show up on this blog. It was when I was just looking through my photos that I realized that I have not made a photo worth posting with my drone in almost four months. I really need to get up and fly again. I have made a few flights in the last couple of months, but nothing worth posting about. Flying within the law is getting harder and harder as everyone is passing drone laws. The most fun you can have flying around here is on campus which is off limits. I need to find some spots that will be interesting and legal to get the drone out. My new drone is much more portable than the one that I used for this picture. Theoretically I should be using it more. I just need to find the right time and place to do so.

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