A Fall Stroll At Purdue

A Fall Walk At Purdue

Monday morning I went for a photowalk on the campus of Purdue with internationally renowned photographer Trevor Mahlmann. Trevor is a photographer that I met at Purdue a few years ago that now travels the world making photos. Last winter he travelled to Russia to photograph the astronauts heading to the International Space Station, and he will travel to New Zealand soon on another adventure. It really says something that this is the place that he wants to be in the fall. We had a fun walk around campus trying to find scenes that we had not already captured. You can try the same thing every year, but what fun is that. This was a scene that I knew could be fun.

Setting The Scene

These photos are always crazy to make. You find your spot and wait for a little wind to blow some leaves into your foreground. Once the wind (your arms full of leaves) blows them into your path you have to wait for something interesting to be in the frame. I will sit in a weird crouch for way too long waiting for just the right person to walk by. I don’t know who that will be. I usually look for some sort of color that pops off of the background. I thought that this blue backpack was the answer. I like the simple scene with just a simple splash of color in it.

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