The Rain Clears At Sunset

The Rain Clears Just In Time For A Great Sunset

A while back we had a rain day that just wouldn’t quit. It poured from the time that I took my daughter to school in the morning until just before dinner. The forecast called for more rain about a half an hour from sunset so I thought that it would wash that out too. I realized that I needed to get the mail as it had been raining too hard for most of the day to worry about it. When I looked out the window I realized that I had a great sunset in front of me. I grabbed the camera to go out and make a photo.

Using What Is Right In Front Of You

It had rained so much during the day that we had standing water on our sidewalk. For most people this is an inconvenience. For me that means I have the start of a photo. I often wonder just how crazy our neighbors think that I am. If they look out their window and see me kneeling over a puddle with my camera in my front yard. At this point they have to be used to my crazy photography ideas. This is just another one of those.

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