Higher Above The Windmills

Flying High Above The Windmills

When I first really started getting serious about photography around seven years ago when I started this blog I went out to the windmills a lot. I mean probably too much. I shot them from every angle that I could think of. When I bought both of my drones one of the first places that I took them was to the windmills. I had some nice shots from overhead. On the way home from Texas we flew right over a section of windmills and I thought that this was one angle that I have never tried. They look good from here too.

First Thoughts On The Sony RX100 VI

Last week I bought the Sony RX100 VI. I bought it so that I had something that would really work for me inside of the music festival in Austin. In my three posts about the festival I really never mentioned it, but it seemed to do the trick. The one thing that I noticed was the noise. I couldn’t figure out why my images seemed to have noise even at a low ISO. Then I realized that it probably was my bracketing mode. On my Phantom 4 Pro drone I noticed that when I used the high speed mode it was super fast, but it also seemed to introduce noise for some reason. This Sony had an ultra fast burst mode that seemed too fast. I will have to test out images made in that burst mode again normal images for noise. It has a 1″ sensor on it like the Phantom 4 so it should not have more noise than my old G16 had. Time will tell I guess. For now it really is handy to have such a small camera. If I can get the noise figured out this would be a great way to have a camera on my without lugging a dSLR around everywhere.

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