A Blackpoll Warbler At The Celery Bog

Another Morning Walk At The Celery Bog

I have been enjoying getting out in the mornings for walks around the Celery Bog. As I have talked about before it is a good way to get used to using this new 600mm lens. In fact with it on my 7D Mark II which it is often on it feels much longer than 600mm. I like having what is basically a teleconverter on it while still shooting at f/4. I have often said that I am the worst birder in the world. I find a scene like the one above, and then I sit and wait for the birds to come to me. This is not a good way to see a certain bird, but rather a way to control the scene when the bird comes to you. With food in the scene I knew that if I was patient enough the birds would come to me.

Where Are The Owls?

I really have had bad luck in my photography career with owls. Apart from a month stretch last winter where I was on fire with the snowy owl and one group of short-earred owls I have had an 0-fer. That stretch continues. I spent about forty minutes with the warblers, and the rest of the time searching for owls. I know that they are in the woods as people see them all the time. I just need something to click to be able to find the owls. I have been watching and reading all that I can on owls to learn behavior. At some point it all has to come together for a great photo. Maybe by the time this post goes live I will have already made the great owl photo. One can only hope.

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