The 2018 Feast Of The Hunter’s Moon

Heading Out To The Feast Of The Hunter’s Moon

This year we took another quick trip out to the Feast of the Hunter’s Moon early in the morning on Saturday. We had things to do later in the day, and the weather did not look so hot so we made a quick trip to get in all of our favorite things. I love people watching, but I really didn’t get much of that in. I did find a couple of scenes that I liked. I really was trying not to repeat the same photos that I have made over the last few years. No musket fire for me this year.

The Week In Photos

Events like this are fun to photograph as they really break up the cycle that you can get into. I liked having something out of the ordinary to spice things up a bit. This weekend is another such chance for me to break out of what I have been shooting. Getting out of my comfort zone can be a great way to get some creativity back into me. We will see how that pans out when I get back from a mini-vacation. You can view my favorite photos from last week here on my Exposure page.

Fun For The Whole Family

My youngest really is enjoying herself at events like this now. It is really fun to see just how much she gets into it. This year she was even able to dress up for a short time.

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