A Downy Woodpecker At The Celery Bog

A Downy Woodpecker Asks To Have Her Photo Taken

While walking down one of the trails at the Celery Bog I ran into this Downy Woodpecker. She was just coming around the tree as I was about five feet away from it. I was too close for my lens so I just froze. When she went around the back of the tree I walked back a couple of steps. I put my head into my camera just in time to make the photo that you see above. I made a few more of her with her full body visible, but nothing looked as good to me as this photo. She seemed to be posing for me here. It was a fun picture of a moment that only lasted for a moment.

The Bird Will Find You

I spent way too much time looking for owls at the Celery Bog on Tuesday morning. I have become obsessed with finding the little red headed screech owl. I only have so much time in the morning to look, and the way my week was lined up Tuesday was my last chance to look for a week. I ignored everything else, and just looked for the owl. I looked at possible trees up and down. Up to see if it was up there, and down to see if there were any droppings below. I see people claim that they see owls on every visit to the park so they are there. I just have to find out where. Of course I found nothing. I was ready to head back to the car to call it a day when this great little situation happened in front of me. Sometimes I think you just have to be open to whatever comes your way. This is a fun picture, and I am glad that I was ready for it when it happened.

Things I Thought Were Owls

I thought it would be fun to show a few photos each week of things that at first glance I thought were owls. I only came up with this idea late in the week or this would be a much bigger section of the post. Next week it has a real possibility to be a post of its own. It is really amazing just how well the owl is camouflaged in the woods. I spend way too much time sneaking up on a piece of wood. Someday though that piece of wood is bound to be an owl. Either that or I will have a hell of a coffee table book of things that in the dark woods looks like owls. Here are a couple of the things that tricked me this week.

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