Purdue Soccer vs. Wisconsin

Purdue Soccer Senior Day

Every year I cover a few senior days. They are always bittersweet events. As a photographer I love them because they are full of all kinds of emotion. It is easy to put a senior day gallery together. On the other hand you are saying goodbye to a couple of players.

Changing It Up

I really decided to try something new during this match. I wanted to use my 600mm for the action, but I really debated what to use on my second body. I came up with using my Canon 7D Mark II as my second body with the 70-200mm lens attached to it. It really worked out great as it allowed me to get the action at midfield with the 600mm lens, and the stuff at the net with the 70-200mm lens. For the senior ceremony I put my 24-105mm lens on the 1DX to cover that portion of the day. The only downside to not having the Canon 5D Mark IV at my side was that I had to transmit my images with my 1DX. This is my main body that is covering the majority of the game. When I am in the middle of transmitting I cannot make a picture or it cancels the transmission. That can really be a pain. I tried to really pick and choose when I sent files with this in mind.

The Week In Photos

This shoot pretty much wrapped up a fun week for me. I got out of the house and into nature for the first few days of the week. Getting a few extra steps in photographing birds hopefully will improve my photography as well as my waistline. You can see my favorite photos from last week here on my Exposure page.

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