LaPorte Slicer Football Homecoming

Back At Kiwanis Field

Friday night I went back home to LaPorte to see the Slicers play their final home game of the season. It was homecoming so it was fitting that this was the game that I came back for. I have photographed a couple of Slicer games over the last couple of years. Two years ago I photographed them clinching the Duneland Conference Championship. In 2015 I was in Indianapolis to see them play for the state title. I even photographed the new field turf being installed a few years ago. I had not seen a game in Kiwanis Field since 2012 though. For someone that used to attend a lot of games that is hard to believe. Things have changed now though. I live two hours away, and my current job means that I am busy most Friday nights in the fall. This was a rare Friday night off, and it was lucky that the Slicers were at home.

The Running Game

The Slicers run an older style of offense. They have three running backs in the backfield with two tight ends. On any play four people could be running the ball. The runs usually go right into a pile. The exciting runs come out of the pile, but in between those there is so much congestion that it usually does not make for good photos. When the play comes your way though in those orange jerseys it looked great. Because of the way the offense was run I spent a lot of my time behind the offense. Usually I am 20-25 yards ahead of the play if not camped in the end zone. For this offense though I decided pregame to stay in the backfield. When they made the long touchdown run I was way out of position, but I was able to make some photos this way.

The Rain That Wasn’t Supposed To Happen

Of course the rain that was taken out of the forecast happened Friday night. I forgot how unpredictable the weather can be so close to Lake Michigan. The rain was really coming down for the beginning of the game, and of course I didn’t have my rain gear with me. Earlier in the week I hauled some things in my car so I took everything out of the back of it. That included my rain gear that is always back there. So with hundreds of dollars of rain gear sitting in West Lafayette I was in LaPorte using a trash bag over my lens.

Twenty Five Years Later

It is really hard for me to comprehend that I last suited up in a football uniform twenty five years ago. I think that somewhere in my head I don’t think that I am that old. That all changes completely when you walk onto that high school field. Those kids look so young. Part of the fun of this trip was visiting a field that I have a lot of good memories at. Seeing a few familiar faces along the way as well.

More Photos From The Game

I have an unlocked gallery here on my website. You can download the photos and use them for any personal (non-commercial) use that you have.

The Week In Photos

I know that I say this every week but last week was a fun week making pictures. I am really blessed to get to do what I do for a living. You can view my favorite photos from last week right here. At the game I had the pleasure of speaking with Bob Wellinski again. Bob was the long time photographer for the local paper in LaPorte. He is the first real photographer that I knew. His photos are great, and it is always nice to see people that have helped inform the photographer that I became.

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