Purdue Volleyball Vs. Wisconsin

#5 Wisconsin Comes To West Lafayette

The thing about the Big Ten schedule is that there is no place where it lets up. That was certainly the case Saturday night as Purdue coming home after a good road win had to face the #5 team in the country. The match was only three sets, but Purdue really did play better than that. Sometimes you just catch a team at a bad time. Purdue certainly did that. Wisconsin came in mad and they played that way to start things off. In the end they did win in three sets though. Purdue came into the match ranked #16, and I don’t see that changing very much. The only two losses that they have are to teams in the top ten. The Big Ten is a tough place to play volleyball.

Listening To The Coach

This is the first game of the year that I have gone over to Mackey to listen to the coach. I love these little sessions as you can find a couple of storylines to follow for the night. When I do this I try and not get in the way, and my camera goes into silent mode. The shutter still does make a noise though so I also try and limit the photos that I do make.

The Anthem

I am quickly running out of ideas to photograph the anthem differently. I have never shot this angle before, and I really like how it turned out. Of course I have now done that so what is next? This was an idea that I had after I saw Pete take off his hat. Maybe the next time I photograph volleyball I can come up with something else on the spot.

The Week In Photos

This was a fun match to be a part of. Any time that Holloway is sold out it is a fun time. Yet again I will talk about the fun week that I had last week making photos. You can see my favorite photos from the week here on my Exposure page.

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